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Barn at Quarry Farm

Photo by Jeff Miklovic

Quarry Farm Gourds was started by Kern Ackerman as Rocky Ford Gourds. He ran the business for several years in Ohio. In the early 2000’s he recruited Dick Bostdorff and Anna Miller to grow some of the gourds he was selling. Dick was a graduate of Ohio State and he earned his M. A. in Horticulture from the University of Missouri. Anna and her husband Jim were at the time growing dried flowers to sell. Kern taught Dick and Anna how to pollinate gourds so they would remain true to kind.
Dick handled the seed production while Anna handled the marketing and office part of the gourd business. They were able to find and produce about 60 different varieties of ornamental and hard shelled gourd varieties. Both the seed and gourds were grown at their locations in North Baltimore and Bowling Green location. They also offered plants at Dick’s Bowling Green location.
Dick and Anna ran the business until 2016 when Anna could no longer handle the business. They decided to find a new home for their business and chose to sell the business to Jung Seed Co of Randolph Wi. Dick and Anna knew of Jung’s as they had bought products from them in the past and is a family owned and operated business.
The business was moved to Randolph Wi and added to our multi catalog business. Jung’s operates the following catalogs: Jung Seed Co., McClure & Zimmerman, Totally Tomatoes, R H Shumway, Vermont Bean, Edmunds Roses, Roots & Rhizomes and Horticultural Products and Services. Quarry Farms joins our family and will be handled in the same careful way that the others are handled. Some new products will be added to the offerings. Production of gourds will be beefed up this next growing year to get back to the large offering that Quarry Farms has had in the past.

Dick Bostdorff with giant pear gourds

Dick Bostdorff with giant pear gourds

Anna Miller with bird houses

Anna Miller in 19th-century costume with bird houses at Seven Eagles, near Grand Rapids, Ohio.

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