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Additional OptionsQuarry Farm Gourds is owned and operated by Dick Bostdorff and Anna Miller at two locations in Wood County, Ohio. We start all our seed plants in Dick’s greenhouse in controlled growing conditions. Our largest gourds are grown in the greenhouse which provides a longer growing season in which to produce high quality seeds. All our seed is hand-pollinated to maintain pure strains, and we guarantee 80% germination. Growing instructions are sent with each order.Proud Member of the American Gourd SocietyBesides seeds, we have a gourd identification chart for $3.00, available in poster format (18”x 22”) or as a four-page booklet (8 1/2” x 11”). We also offer our full-color poster of 37 popular gourds for $10 postpaid.

Other Products:

  • Plants: Orders for gourd plants (no minimum) must be received by April 1st. Plants are $4 each and must be picked up at the greenhouse in Bowling Green, Ohio, around May 15th.
  • Gourds: Please call for availability. Many gourds have small holes where the seeds have been removed.
  • Book: To answer all your questions about raising gourds, order Ginger Summit’s excellent book, Gourds in Your Garden, for $18.95 + $3 shipping. This book is now out of print, but we still have a good supply.