June 10th is the last date we ship seeds.   All orders placed after June 10th will be held until September.  After that date, our seeds go into cold storage until late September, and we head out into the field to begin pollinating the new crop.

  We are now sold out of Large Bushel (Green Drum is a good substitute), Small Bushel, Peruvian Pear, Job’s Tears and Chinese Bottle.    Mini luffa will not be available this season. 4/23/15

A word on postage:  We ship all seeds with the correct postage for first class flat rate envelopes.  However some postal employees along the line are apparently unaware of the rates for this category and have occasionally assessed customers a postage due fee.  I apologize for this, but wish to assure you that the correct amount is affixed to your envelope when it leaves North Baltimore.

Have you seen our color poster featuring 37 varieties of gourds?  It is $10 postpaid.  Look for it at the bottom of this page.