Having just purchased Quarry Farm Gourds, we are trying to get up to speed with the number of varieties that they have sold in the past. As of now, we will not have many varieties that have been sold in the past. We are trying to arrange how many gourd varieties we can handle here in Randolph and how many we will have to find reliable growers that can produce some for us. The following are varieties that we are trying to produce but are not available this year: Big Bear, Chinese Mini Bottle, Legendary Bottle, Mexican Bottle, 100+ Bushel, African Bushel, Copper Canyon Canteen, Duck, Japanese Siphon, Mini Kettle, Long Gourd, Lump In Neck, Giant Martin house, Orange Ball, Sennari, Tennessee Spinner,  French Warty, and Zucca. Items marked limited quantity, we limit each order to 3 packet until March 1 and then it will be open to any quantity. This is to make sure more customers can receive these varieties. If our production is good this summer more items will be available in unlimited quantities.

We have also added many items that seem to be complimentary to Gourds for fall decorations or to sell on the roadside. They are Pumpkins, Squash, Popcorn, and Ornamental corns. We will include with every order of 5 packets or more a sample packet of Painted Mountain Ornamental Corn (25 Seeds).

We no longer offer the Crafts items for sale but to give you some ideas of how to use the gourds we have left the entries for them at the bottom in the Crafts section.

Orders shipped to Wisconsin addresses must add 5% state sales tax, plus applicable county sales tax.

Postage and Handling Charge – The shipping and handling charge on all orders is $4.95 within the US. We are sorry to say that we are no longer able to ship our products internationally.

A note on the gourd pictures:  Some of the gourds are shown against a grid of 1″ squares, to indicate their size.  Others have a ruler next to them.


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